Year 8

The chart below gives details of the subjects studied in year 8 and how many hours per fortnight they are taught. If you want more details about a particular subject, click on the subject name.  

Yr 8 Curriculum Overview

Faculty Leader
Subjects (hours taught per fortnight)
Practical Arts Ms Louise Wadham Art (2), Dance (2), Drama (2) , Music (2), PE (2)Design & Technology (4)
EBACC Mrs Karen Porthouse-Jones Modern Foreign Language, (4), History (2), Geography (3) ,Religious Studies (3)
English & Drama  Ms Chloé Gatt English (7)Drama (2)
Maths, ICT & Business Mr Malik Abu Maths (7)ICT (2)
Sciences Ms Eleanor Parker Science (6)

Homework is set for all subjects in accordance with the homework timetable.