Year 7 Admissions

Proposed Admissions Policy 2021/22

Year 7 to 11 Admissions Policy For entry in Year 7 in Year 2021/22 - The published admission number for Tolworth Girls’ School (TGS) is 240 for the year commencing September 2021. Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below. Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan that specifies the school as the placement school will be admitted. Please click this link to find out more...!

Sixth Form Admissions Policy For entry in Year 2021/22 - 

Criteria for entry in Year 12 for Tolworth Sixth Form Admissions in 2021. 

Existing Tolworth Girls’ School Year 11 students will have priority over external applicants. The Published Admission Number (PAN) for Year 12 in September 2021 will be 25.  This figure refers only to Year 12 students being admitted for the first time from other schools and not students entering from Year 11 at Tolworth Girls’ School. Please click here to find out more..!



Important Dates for Diary for New Parents


Tolworth Girls’ School & Sixth Form is an academy school for girls aged 11 to 18 and includes boys in the sixth form.Currently, there are approximately 1,300 students on roll, with nearly 275 in the sixth form. We are in the top 10% of all schools for progress and year-on year we are in the top 20% of all schools for attainment. Our school is a recognised leader in science education at sixth form. 

Outstanding Education at Tolworth Girls’ School

Tolworth Girls’ School has been serving our local community by providing an education for our young people for well over 85 years. We are a school that is committed to providing an excellent education for all of our students, not only academically, but in their personal and social development. We want our students to be scholars of the 21st century. 

We are very proud of our school and its traditions. The standards achieved in academic work and all aspects of the life of young people are outstanding. Our school is fully comprehensive academically and socially, and enjoys a strong and supportive community life.  

We have invested in our buildings and have recently added two new builds that host our dedicated sixth form block, café area, science areas, new 240 seat theatre, music suite and recording studio and a brand new flood-lit multi-use games area (MUGA) and sports facilities.  

Ofsted visited in September 2017 and we were graded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas, details of which can be found on our website. 

In-year admissions to Tolworth Girls’ School must be made through Kingston School Admissions.  You will need to complete an in-year application form.  Please phone Kingston School Admissions on 0208 547 4610 to ask for a copy or you can download the form from the Kingston website at


Admissions criteria will be offered according to the following criteria, used in this priority order

  • places will be offered firstly to Looked After Children i.e. children who are looked after by a public authority and are in public care, and previously looked after children who were adopted, or subject to a residence order, or special guardianship order, immediately following having been looked after. Applications made under this criterion must be accompanied by details of circumstance and professionally supported evidence (e.g. from a social worker).
  • places will be offered next to children who have a brother or sister, including an adopted, foster, half- or step-brother or sister, living at the same address and attending the same school at the time of admission.
  • places will then be offered in cases of exceptional family, social or medical need (which must be described on the application form and verified by professionally supported evidence), which makes the school concerned the most suitable one for the individual child;
  • the remaining places will be offered to children who live nearest to the school, as measured using a straight line. Distance will be measured from the home address to the main school entrance on Fullers Way North. All distances will be measured using Kingston Council School Admissions computerised Geographical Information System.

The admissions criteria does not give priority to parents who wish to apply to the school solely on the grounds that they require a single sex education for their child.

If two applicants live the same distance from the school, random selection by the drawing of lots will be used to allocate the place.


Children with a statement of special educational needs

Children who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs will be offered a place if the School is named in their Statement in accordance with the Education Act 1996 and the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.


Waiting List

The waiting list will automatically consist of the names of unsuccessful applicants who have not had a higher preference offer. This list will be held in criteria order and will include any late applications.

Names of girls who have had a higher preference offer, or who did not originally name the school as a preference, can be added to the waiting list. These names will be added to the list in criteria order regardless of the date the application was received.

The waiting list will be held until July 2016. After this date parents will have to request in writing to have their child's name added to the waiting list.


Late applications

  • Late applications will be considered only after all aplications received by the closing date have been considered.

In Year Admissions

  • Any application for a school place for Year 7 to 11 must be made to Kingston Local Authority. All in year applications for Tolworth Girls' School will be dealt with in accordance with the Kingston's in year Admissions scheme.