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November 2018 Examinations Timetable

The written examinations for the November season are fast approaching for students retaking GCSE Mathematics and GCSE English Language.

You can find details of the November 2018 written exam timetable below.  All candidates involved in exams this season will shortly receive individual timetables.

Please make sure you turn up on time for your exam equipped with all the items you require, including your lanyard.  You must place your school ID card (and any wristwatch) on your exam desk.  We cannot loan out any equipment on the day of the exam.

Calculators cannot be taken into exam venues if the exam you are sitting does not allow them.

It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of all regulations and procedures. Please ensure you follow all links listed in the next section.

Information, Rules and Regulations - advice to students

You must read all the Rules and Regulation documents that apply to the type of examinations you are taking.  These documents have been written to help you. Read them carefully and follow the instructions.  If there is anything you do not understand, ask your teacher.

Any malpractice could lead to disqualification.

Retaking Examinations and NEA units

There are occasions when you may want or need to retake an exam, coursework or non-exam assessment.  Aleays speak to your teachers for advice before submitting your request.

The form must be completed in full and submitted to the Exams Office by the deadlines (indicated on the form itself).  All fees must be paid using ParentPay before submitting the form.

Failure to provide all information or pay full fees by the deadlines will prevent entry to the examination or assessment.

Certificates from the Summer 2018 exam season

When you start a course in the sixth form, college, univeristy or apply for an apprenticeship or job, you will need to show your certificates.  These will be available to collect from the school from November 30th (during normal school hours).

Certificates are not posted out to students.  They must be collected by the student or their representative.  Alternatively you can pay for recorded-delivery.  Please read through the information for further details.  The school is permitted to destroy all unclaimed certificates after 12 months.

Policies and Procedures