Extra Curricular Clubs and Enrichment Activities

As a school we value the opportunities extra-curricular activities offer and we would very much like your child to involve herself in the life of the school beyond attendance at lessons.

Consequently, we present a variety of activities to engage your daughter’s interest. You will notice that some activities are free and some incur a small charge. This is in the case for the activities being run by outside groups and where the materials need to be purchased. 


Wonder Weeks at Tolworth Girls School

As part of the wider school PSHE and Enrichment programme staff and students are running a host of themed weeks and events across the academic year to raise knowledge and awareness of key social, cultural, environmental and world issues.  The aim is to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world our young people live in and how they can make small changes each day to make our world a better place today and in the future. This half term the focus for our October Wonder Weeks has been Black History Month and Numeracy Week.  After half term Wonder Weeks will focus on Random Acts of Kindness, Anti-Bullying, and Failure.


Improving the Cultural Capital and wider classroom experiences of students in our care.  Developing their awareness of the wider world, building confidence and resilience and forging positive pathways for the future



The Power of Wonder 23rd - 27th Sept
Black History month Month of October
Numeracy week Mon 14th Oct - 18th
Anti - Bullying Week 11th Nov -15th Nov
Random Acts of Kindness Week 25th - 29th Nov
Failure Week 9th - 13th Dec
World Religions Week 13th - 18th January
Languages week 27th - 31st January
Safer Internet Week 10th -14th February
LGBTQID+ Awareness  Month of February
International Womens Week (IW day -sun 8th) 2nd - 6th March
Science Week 9th - 13th March
Environmental Awareness Week / Earth Day 20th - 24th April
Healthy Schools Week  + Mental health & Wellbeing 18th - 24th May
School Sports Week 22nd -26th June
Diversity Week/ disability awareness 6th - 10th July


  • Failure Week (encouraging Growth Mindset) 

We all know that the mock exam season can be stressful for students, for so many reasons and we must approach it with a ‘growth mindset’. But what is that exactly? Over the course of the past week (Mon 9th Dec to Fri 13th), all year groups have spent time reflecting on the need to open our minds and accept that ‘failing’ does not need to be negative, instead we acknowledged that it is part of our lives and particularly, part of any learning journey. Countless are the examples of successful people who faced failure at some point in their lives – Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, to name a few. These individuals turned failures and hardships into successful carriers. Through a tutorial discussion on growth mindset and the need to build our resilience, as well as an assembly introducing the crucial importance of failing, years 7 to 13 have hopefully embraced the idea that the next step might end up in a fall, but that they can always get back up and carry on their journey. 


  • Anti-Bullying Week

Anti – bullying week took place this year between the 11th - 15th November. The aim of this week was to promote the theme 'change starts with us' and instil this important message in all TGS students. They have the power over their actions and it a shared responsibility to ensure that bullying and unkindness doesn’t occur.  Staff encouraged students think about the impact of their actions in a number of ways. During Tutorial, tutors delivered a session around the difference between bullying and ‘banter’. Students were then encouraged to think about the types of positive behaviours that contribute to a positive school environment.  The assembly theme for this week was ‘Being an Upstander’. At TGS we encourage students to appropriately challenge their peers on negative behaviours rather than being a bystander, in this way they are encouraged to stand up to bullying behaviours and report instances immediately. Finally, students were encouraged to spread some positivity by taking part in 'Friendship Friday' where all students shared something positive with the person they sat next to in each of their classes - a great way to end the week!


  • Random Acts of Kindness Week

To celebrate the power of being kind, TGS students participated in Random Acts of Kindness Week. The simple message that a little act of kindness can go a long way, was embraced by students and staff. A range of activities were planned to engage students and spark ideas about how we could all be kinder to others, and why this is so important. Students debated in tutorial sessions about the nature of modern society, and whether kindness is ‘alive and well’, or perhaps the world isn’t quite as kind as it should be. Students have reviewed articles on the subject, and were set the challenge of completing a range of random acts of kindness, in levels bronze, silver and gold. Perhaps the most heart-warming activity was the anonymous notes of kindness which the students have sent to each other through their form folders. This week really encompassed TGS values, and was a great display of how thoughtful our students are and their commitment to make kindness the norm! 


  • Numeracy Week​ - Mon 14th Oct - 18th

To celebrate World Maths Day and to inspire students and encourage positive attitudes towards maths, technology and engineering, staff hosted a range of activities to engage and enthuse students about the wonder of maths and its importance in the world.  This included a mathematics themed bake off competition, a raffle, a maths scrabble competition, and a maths themed bake sale which raised over £70 for the NSPCC charity!  Thank you to all staff involved for their efforts to enthuse and inspire students to have a love for their subject, and congratulations to Emily Cullen in Year 7 who won the £50 Amazon Voucher!


  • Black History Month - Month of October

Since 1987 In the UK the month of October has marked the celebration of Black History Month, the annual commemoration of the history, achievements and contributions of black people around the world.  It originated in the US in 1926 and was created by historian Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950). ​ He wanted to challenge preconceptions at the time and preserve black history and culture.  Previously, much of the achievements and contributions of black men and women have been less well documented in history due to oppressive attitudes at the time.  Raising awareness of the misrepresentation and underrepresentation of black people in history allows us to explore and appreciate the contribution of all individuals to society. Students have been engaging in a range of thought provoking activities in lessons and through wider PSHE to explore this prejudice in more depth and broaden their historical knowledge beyond the statutory curriculum.  The History department have held an essay writing competition titled “How Important is Black History Month?”, a lecture on “Representations in Popular Culture”, designed an historical treasure hunt competition and prepared assemblies and tutorial activities for students.